Pro-Ject DAC Box S FL (Silver) Digital to Analog Converter, Silver


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Pro-Ject's DAC Box USB FL is a unique filter less non-oversampling digital to analog converter for the discerning digital audio listener. Four TDA 1543T D/A conversion chips arranged in parallel dual-differential mode guarantee high-precision D/A conversion and extremely low distortion levels. Since the D/A chips are based on the Redbook standard of compact discs (16bit/44.1kHz), they offer amazingly warm, true-to-source encoding especially within the audible frequency range (20-20kHz). This results in a very similar in sound to tube amplifiers which are most commonly preferred in high-end audio applications. The high ideal operating temperature of the TDA1543 chips provides an acoustical advantage in that they do not require any additional filtering. The use of high-efficiency heat sinks keeps temperatures from reaching potentially harmful levels, and allows you to reap all the benefits of filter less digital audio processing without the fear of damaging your equipment. In the end you're left with high-quality style of D/A encoding that produces the immaculate, natural-sounding detail and strong, articulate bass that is often missing from digital audio sources.

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