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J-Tech Digital JTD-WII-HDMI Wii to HDMI 720P/1080P Converter HD Output Upscaling Video/Audio Adapter


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Explore your high definition world from J-Tech Digital The J-Tech Digital Wii to HDMI converter converts the standard Wii output into an HDMI 1.3 compatible device allowing audio and video to be carried over a single HDMI cable. It outputs video and audio in full digital HDMI format and supports all Wii display modes (NTSC 480i 480p, PAL 576i). With just the use of one HDMI cable you could connect your Wii gaming console to your HDTV, without losing any quality in video and audio signals, as the J-Tech Digital Wii HDMI converter dynamically switches or converts your analog content to digital HDMI format. Features: Video and audio in full digital HDMI format, no transmission loss! Works with DVI monitor. Hassle Free! Plug and play as you go. Supports all Wii display modes (NTSC 480i 480p, PAL 576i). LED indicator shows current display mode and status. Best buy for great display quality and limited budget! Built-in button to adjust resolution 720P or 1080p.HDCP compliant. The extra 3.5mm audio socket lets you connect headphones or speakers, so you can enjoy games at night without worrying you will disturb others. To switch between 720P and 1080P outputs, use a straightened paper clip or needle to push and hold for 1 second then release. Supported HDMI output Mode: Outputs pure digital HDMI video/audio signals Input Connector: Wii AV Multi Out Plug Output Connectors: HDMI Connector and 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack Free lifetime technical support from the manufacture and free 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from J-Tech Digital.

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