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Dangerous Music Convert-2 Two-Channel Reference Grade Digital To Analog Converter


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Dangerous Audio designed the CONVERT Series converters from the ground up, utilizing cutting-edge digital technology coupled to a Chris Muth-designed analog circuit that delivers the signature Dangerous Audio sound: open, articulate and powerful from top to bottom. Loaded with innovative and useful features accessed from an intuitive front panel, the CONVERT-2 tops an elite class of dedicated stereo digital-to-analog converters in both sound and ease of use. <br /><br>Muth has designed the analog gear used to mix and master a long list of hit records and reissues. Not only did he develop the audiophile-grade analog audio path of the CONVERT-2, but he also fine-tuned the low-pass reconstruction filters mandatory to implementing any DAC. These filters lie at the heart of how a converter will perform, and the CONVERT series has the jaws of top pros hitting the floor when they hear its natural sound and powerful, ultra-clear low-end.<br><br><strong>Perfecting the Digital Side</strong><br>Dangerous Audio rigorously refined the CONVERTs JetPLL ultra-low jitter clocking technology until it surpassed the JETs stated specs, resulting in the virtual elimination of jitter throughout the audio band and beyond. Gone are the sonic headaches and end-of-day fatigue brought on by long-term exposure to jittery digital audio systems. The CONVERT-2s superbly implemented digital technology delivers such a natural, open and non-irritating sound that youll forget youre even listening to converted 0s and 1s.<br><br><strong>Details, Details</strong><br>Reaching beyond transparency and accuracy, the sound of the CONVERT-2 is so open and 3-dimensional that many are saying that these are the most beautiful, natural sounding converters theyve ever heard. Whether your focus is tracking, mixing or mastering, when you choose a dedicated stereo DAC, youre choosing the unit youll trust to make all your sonic judgments, from choosing a mic to deciding how much limiting to use in mastering. Yo

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